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The Staff of the Presidency

2012. január 17.
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It is really important for the young generation to get to know more about the European Union. It was the aim of the project called The Staff of the Presidency. I talked with one of the participants, Fanni Lazáry about this program.

Can you explain what the project was about?

In this project we simulated the meeting of the European Council. First, we modeled in our high school, when the topic was the climate policy. There were four countries, so we made four groups. Our task was to divide 100 device of money of the budget of the EU in the field of climate policy. We made our decisions based on the population, the budget of our country and it was also important what role the country played in the climate policy. The continuation of this was an international simulation, as Viktor Szabados, the organizer of the Staff of the Presidency invited Polish youngsters to participate in a three-days program in Hungary. At this time the topic of the simulation was the Common Agriculture Policy (CAP). We also had the chance to go to the Parliament and listen to the plenary session of the Ministers of Agriculture. Then we went to the Ministry of Rural Development and had two lectures there about the CAP.

Did you also have some kind of preparation before the three-days program?

We knew the topic before the program and we also got texts in English about the CAP. I also searched for this topic and prepared about it before the program. I knew that I will be in the group Poland, so I looked it up what is the view of this country concerning the agriculture. The meeting in the Parliament also helped a lot, because they discussed the future of the CAP. We got to know the official view of Poland about the CAP, which also was a great help and practice for the simulation.

Did you have any difficulty during the program?

I could really experience what it is like to be a Polish politician. We had to divide the budget for the CAP, which takes the half of the whole budget of the EU. We had the chance to try how the politicians feels when they actually spending billions of euros. The hard part about it was to see what is good for Poland, what Poland wants and not seeing the meeting through an eye of a Hungarian.

What was your best experience during the project?

The best moment was when we were at the Parliament. It was a great feeling that more politicians started their speech by welcoming us, the future generation. They were glad that we were at the plenary session and we are interested in the European Union and its policies. It was also good to meet Polish youngsters and to get to know them.

Was there something new you learned about Poland during the program?

The Polish students came from Warsaw. They made a presentation about their school and life in Warsaw, so we, Hungarians could know more about their school and about  their school life. They also have a European Union club in the school, where they organize programs and events.

Was there a good cooperation between the Polish and Hungarian students during the project?

There was a good cooperation. I didn’t feel any obstacle between us. We had a great time together; it was good to get to know them. I think the saying “Polish and Hungarian, two good friends” was right for us during the project. I think polish people are really nice, kind and intelligent and they have a beautiful country.

Would you recommend participating in a project like The Staff of the Presidency?

Absolutely. It was good to get to know new people in Hungary and also in Poland. It was a great experience to be part of the project, as well as to communicate in English about the Common Agriculture Policy of the European Union. I think the great impacts of the project were to learn how to connect with others, how a plenary session and a Council meeting look like and how to get ready for the simulation. During the simulation we also learned to listen and react to each other, to have an opinion and to make a decision together. I couldn’t learn these skills in another way, so the Staff of the Presidency was a really great experience for me and I recommend everyone to participate in a project like this.

The article appeared in the online newspaper of the Center for Citizenship Education:

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